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Anthony H. Horan(non-registered)
Ragged mountain:was it so important to do it free?
I just have one word to describe the beauty of Dartmouth '61 Art Show. "Wow". You got amazing skills in photography and I got stunned seeing your work. Each photograph is unique with its brilliance.
Zinan Regrett(non-registered)
I hope to see a much more interesting change in this field when people witness works such as yours. It would certainly make people realize it is high time that they change their styles by now. So good, Keep doing this.

Tom Dalglish(non-registered)
What a wonderful collection! It surprises in so many ways. Kudos to Ron and the artists for sharing. I hope it will be permanently accessible online. Perhaps we could create a class calendar ...
Best to all.
Alan Hale(non-registered)
Thanks Ron for putting this beautiful collection together. The pieces show such variety of styles, tastes, and visions ... very moving, and much appreciated.
Nessa Flax '76(non-registered)
What an impressive collection of beautiful work! Thanks, Ben for inviting me to see it.
Mike Murphy(non-registered)
Ron, 1,000 thanks for putting this together. It's a truly amazing exhibition of the talent in our class. We appreciate the idea and especially all your work!
Peter Holbrook(non-registered)
My previous note didn't record, so... Just wanted to say sorry I couldn't make it back (3000 miles each way while I'm preparing for a major show). For those in or visiting San Francisco this Summer/Fall I will have an exhibition of LARGE landscapes of the Colorado Plateau in the lobby exhibition hall at 333 Bush St. during business hours from July 1 to Nov. 15. If you are in Scottsdale, AZ next Feb (2012) I will solo at the Scottsdale Fine Art gallery. Web site and email below - I can send you electronic show announcements. Best wishes to all, -Peter
PETER HOLBROOK(non-registered)
CORRECTION: My show at 333 BUSH STREET in San Francisco will be up from JULY (NOT JUNE -as I said in my last entry) to November 2011.
David Blake(non-registered)
The exhibit is fabulous. Incredible images, beautifully presented (thanks Ron), and amazing talents of our class family. The beauty, the design, the humor, the appreciation of life and living. Thanks, everybody, for sharing your work and your eyes.

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