Guestbook for Dartmouth '61 Art Show
Dartmouth '61 Art Show
July 23, 2022
I just have one word to describe the beauty of Dartmouth '61 Art Show. "Wow". You got amazing skills in photography and I got stunned seeing your work. Each photograph is unique with its brilliance.
Zinan Regrett(non-registered)
I hope to see a much more interesting change in this field when people witness works such as yours. It would certainly make people realize it is high time that they change their styles by now. So good, Keep doing this.

Tom Dalglish(non-registered)
What a wonderful collection! It surprises in so many ways. Kudos to Ron and the artists for sharing. I hope it will be permanently accessible online. Perhaps we could create a class calendar ...
Best to all.
Alan Hale(non-registered)
Thanks Ron for putting this beautiful collection together. The pieces show such variety of styles, tastes, and visions ... very moving, and much appreciated.
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