Guestbook for Dartmouth '61 Art Show
9.Tom Dalglish(non-registered)
What a wonderful collection! It surprises in so many ways. Kudos to Ron and the artists for sharing. I hope it will be permanently accessible online. Perhaps we could create a class calendar ...
Best to all.
8.Alan Hale(non-registered)
Thanks Ron for putting this beautiful collection together. The pieces show such variety of styles, tastes, and visions ... very moving, and much appreciated.
7.Nessa Flax '76(non-registered)
What an impressive collection of beautiful work! Thanks, Ben for inviting me to see it.
6.Mike Murphy(non-registered)
Ron, 1,000 thanks for putting this together. It's a truly amazing exhibition of the talent in our class. We appreciate the idea and especially all your work!
5.Peter Holbrook(non-registered)
My previous note didn't record, so... Just wanted to say sorry I couldn't make it back (3000 miles each way while I'm preparing for a major show). For those in or visiting San Francisco this Summer/Fall I will have an exhibition of LARGE landscapes of the Colorado Plateau in the lobby exhibition hall at 333 Bush St. during business hours from July 1 to Nov. 15. If you are in Scottsdale, AZ next Feb (2012) I will solo at the Scottsdale Fine Art gallery. Web site and email below - I can send you electronic show announcements. Best wishes to all, -Peter
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